Wednesday, May 27, 2015

7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood

Have you ever felt lazy and a little down to even get yourself out of bed? Have you been working hard lately and you feel exhausted? We've all been through that in a way or another. In fact, I just finished my final exams and I feel exactly the same. However, I do have some simple ways I usually do when I go through tough times. Here are simple but effective ways to boost your mood and energy.

1- Read something positive:
I always start my day by reading one of my favorite quotes. I do have lots of them and each day I read something different. Quotes inspire me and motivate me to get out of my bed and be ready for the day. I read quotes in both languages, Arabic and English. They make me feel blessed and grateful for everything I have..
Here are few of my favorite quotes: 

2- Drink lots of water:
Water, water, water! We all know how important it is to drink LOTS of water but we're guilty of not doing that. I used to drink 3 to 4 glasses a day. For a while now, I'm trying to drink more, at least 6 glasses a day and I've been loving it. Water has lots of benefits for the body and the skin in general but it helps to relieve stress as well. It also helps to fire up your metabolism, so if you hate coffee then water is a good and healthy alternative.
3- Refresh your look:
Updating your beauty routine doesn't necessarily involve big changes. It's important to realize that few changes to your look can make a big difference in the way you feel and it can also boost your confidence. Wearing a new lipstick or painting your nails are the easiest but they work very well. However, changing your hair color or getting a new cut might be bigger changes but what's better than that? Simple ways but yet effective. All these are few examples of what you can do and remember you can always do more.  

4- Take a walk:
Take a long good walk without bringing your phone or any other distractions.Take a deep breath, enjoy the sounds of nature, the calmness of the night and feel the soft wind gently blows. I usually take a long walk for about 1 hour to 2 hours. When the weather isn't helping me, I take a 30 minutes walk for about 3 times a day. I never skipped a walk, not even when I'm sick because I find it really helpful and it relieves me in ways I can't describe. If you never tried it before I HIGHLY recommend it for you, you'll thank me later.

5- Workout:
I don't have a specific routine for working out but I know working out regularly can make a huge difference. I usually do squats, push ups, jumping jacks or wall sit for approximately 30 to 60 seconds each. It takes no time but it really helps.

6- Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee:
Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea if you prefer, enjoy every sip of it. Don't distract yourself with either important or less important things. Set your mind free from all your daily stress, make it your time to be relaxed and alone for a few minutes.

7- Pray:
Praying is the most important way to relieve your stress.Take a long time by yourself to pray, talk to Allah and ask for everything you want. There's nothing impossible when it comes to praying and asking from Allah. Thank him for everything and tell him what you feel. He's the only one who listens without interrupting, judging or blaming. Don't be ashamed to cry like a baby, Allah loves you more than your own mother.  

P.S all photos (not the quotes) are taken by iPhone 5 and 6.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"How you treat others, is how you really feel inside"

How to deal with negativity or negative people? I'm sure we all have negativities in our lives. Personally, I deal with that almost every day! I don't know why we have to face them but I know for sure that everybody teaches us a lesson we need to be taught. We just have to be patient, to open up our minds, accept it, learn from it and move on. I know sometimes we let negativity brings us down, make us cry or worse. I don't have a particular way to deal with it but what I'm about to share might help you, inspire you or waste your time.  

Honestly, negativity gets to me differently every day. Sometimes I'm strong and nothing can or will bring me down. Other times, I'm weak and the smallest thing could tear my heart apart. I don't know how to deal with it, I don't have a specific way to do that. I've been criticized a lot in my life about almost everything. People criticized me on my choices, thoughts, decisions and every other thing. What I learned from being criticized, judged and bullied is that we live in a society that cannot see the best in us. We live in a world that won't see us good enough. People will always find a way to criticize you, no matter what you do you'll be criticized, it's either in a good way or an aggressive, destructive way. Either ways, you have to deal with it.

Sometimes I let it affect me by thinking about it, talking about it to someone or trying to understand it. It would literally make me depressed for a while, I would cry for days and it might lead me to take a break from everyone in my life. It depends on how deeply it hits me. I know I shouldn't be saying that, I should give you some advice and I should be telling you it's all gonna be alright at the end.

 Let's be honest, no matter how many people praise us, telling us how good we're or how amazing we look, always the one that says nasty things about us would affect us the most. Even if you think that small comments won't do any harm, it's just a ridiculous thing to say, she or he wouldn't be hurt. I'm telling you, since its the wrong thing to say then don't say it.

If you stopped yourself from being negative to people then you would really master it. If you hate being criticized then don't criticize people, just let them be whoever they want to be. If negativity knocked you down, then make it your biggest goal to be better and not end up like whoever criticized you. I usually try to be good with those who judged me or criticized me. I don't find it hard to be as bad as they're but because I believe if I response to negativity with negativity then I'll be no better than them, I'll be worse. 
If it really got to me and I can't deal with it, then I'll be honest about it and tell them it really affects me. I don't care what would they feel or would they stop or not because then I'll be done with them. If they were friends and they won't stop being judgmental then I'll cut them out of life with no regrets. 

I think the most thing that most of us are afraid of is being judged. It hurts to be judged and let me tell how much I've been aggressively judged in my life! Mostly friends who can't understand me and pretty much judge me constantly on my choices, decisions, and lots of other things. Too much to be counted, too much to take, and really hard to forget.

What people can't understand is that, I'm 23, I'm young and I'll make mistakes, plenty of them. However, I'm old enough to take responsibilities of my actions. I guess that applies on all of us. We're capable of being mature enough and stupid enough, it's our choice.

I'm not quite sure what would a normal person do in such situations but I'm normal enough to tell you let it affect you. Be sad or angry about it, if it got to you then there's nothing wrong about that. After a while you'll forget about it, time heals everything, trust me on that.

We can be our own worst enemy sometimes, we can be really mean to ourselves so don't feel like you have to be awful to others in order to feel better! We've got it cover for you, you just need to be nice and that's enough. It takes nothing to knock someone down, only one word can destroy us and it takes a lot to build us up.

In our society, it takes a lot to be nice sometimes and it takes nothing to be judgmental, critical or a bully. Some of them allow themselves to be as bad as they can get but very shy when it comes to being nice and polite. Stop making excuses for your bad behavior and start working on yourself to be a better person. My advice to you, START NOW!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Coffee and Some Love

Hello and welcome to a new post. Grab your cup of coffee, tea or maybe water if you prefer and enjoy reading. Today's post is a bit different from the last three posts. It's not about love, death or anything similar. However, it's about you and me, it's about making a plan to be the person you have to be. A person that leads a healthy, successful and pleasant life. I'm not an expert or successful, I'm only a student that have some good/crazy thoughts and I need to get them out of my head. I also need to make everything clear to myself and you need to read it because it might be helpful or inspiring. Either ways, I hope you find something good for you.

In my opinion, there are 5 easy ways I believe we need to understand and make an effort to achieve them.

1- Believe in yourself: This is important, all the ways I'll mention depend on this one. How do you  want to lead a good life if you don't believe in yourself? How can you achieve anything if you don't believe in yourself? Believing in yourself will make things pretty easy to achieve , because then you will have nothing to stop you. Stop doubting yourself for how long you can go, stop assuming that if it won't happen now then it'll never happen. Remember all the troubles you've been through and how you fought to be here today. Remember all the battles you have won and all the fears that couldn't stop you. Believe that you're stronger, smarter and brave enough to continue your way through. Start a new positive pattern of thoughts, don't get lost in your bad emotions and more importantly don't believe them. Your negative thoughts are only thoughts but that’s it. On the other hand, your good thoughts are true, yes you're good enough, smart enough and an amazing person so stop doubting that and start dreaming big. Don't you ever forget that you CAN and you WILL.

I need to remind myself of that and I need to remind others too. It's good to give yourself a push upward every time you feel down. Be positive and be brave.  

2- Be kind: Always and I mean ALWAYS, be kind with yourself and others. Don't judge people on their wrongdoings, don't blame them on their mistakes, don't call them names and be nice to them. If you find that hard to do, then you should stop making relationships with others  . Stop mingling with them, because we don't need to spread negativities around we have enough of them for a life time. In fact, you must try to change yourself to be nicer, wiser and better. In order to be successful, I believe that being a nice person is important. Judging, underestimating and making others feel bad will do you no good. It's only a reflection of how you feel about yourself and you're throwing it on others to feel better about yourself. Believe me when I say it won't make you anything but pathetic, foolish and you'll feel even worse. To be happy and successful, feel good for others achievements, encourage them and compete with them. You also have to help them and make them feel good about themselves. This is the best way to be successful and most of all, to be a good person. Aren't we all need at least one person like that in our lives?

3- Make goals: Ask yourself this, what are your goals for this year? What do you want to accomplish? Have you accomplished any of them yet? If not, do you have a specific time to be done with them? You must have a specific time, it will make it easier to accomplish more. To me, I have lots of goals and some of them are pretty simple, like working out, reading books, eating healthy and etc. It might be nothing to you but it's something to me. Till now I've accomplished most of the simple ones. My big goals, sadly, I'm just changing the label color of them every time I go through them. Although I have to finish them at a certain time but I still have plenty of it. My biggest goal for now is to graduate and to find a job that pays me well, to help me achieve more. In other words, I think making goals is necessary. You don't need to make big goals that might be hard or take a long time to achieve but  you need to achieve something that will make you proud. Achieving goals will make you feel good about yourself and it's a must for leading a successful life.
"Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning"- The Color Run.
4- Take risks: You have to be open about taking risks. You have to be willing to fail and learn from it, don't let your failure consume you and look at it as an opportunity to improve yourself. No matter how many time you fail and how many people push you down, stand up, chin up and prove to yourself you CAN because you WILL. Be productive, start your day with easy tasks and then with tasks that take longer to finish. I like to do that because this way I work better and I achieve more. Do your own way to work better and be creative.

5- Experience: We all have experienced different things in life, mistakes that made us grow or success that we learned from. In a way or another, we've must learned something from our experiences even if it’s a small thing. Some of our experiences might have been really hard on us, some of them destroyed something in us and some of them changed us in either a good way or a bad way. I've experienced things myself that made me weak instead of helping me growing and learning and there's no harm in that. However, being weak in a short period of time is okay, but never settle for that. I know it's comfortable to try things you already know their outcomes, a certain amount of success is never bad. On the other hand, challenge yourself to do more, to experience new things and that will do you not only good but GREAT things. Challenge yourself to try new things and to be better, fill your life with experiences and learn from them. Grow up, and stop being afraid of things that don't exist! Every fear you have and every negative thought is nowhere but in your head.

Ps. I'm only writing this because I've met people that made me feel bad about myself. People that underestimated me and made me feel nothing. One of those were a friend of mine and I just want you to understand how bad it is for you to be that person. If you're trying to live a good life, be a good person from the inside out and stop the hate on others. Be good, do good and then you will feel good. I know I'm not an expert but I'm smart enough to learn from my mistakes and others mistakes.

After all, I suggest you do your own perfect ways to be productive and successful. Help me with new ways in the comments below. 

Stay healthy and positive.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Be Unapologetically Yourself

Hello and welcome to a new post. I wanted to share my thoughts about leading a successful life with you lovelies. I'm not an expert when it comes to that or anything else basically. It's only me trying to be useful for a change :). I hope you enjoy
One of the main reasons of having a successful life, is to be who you are! Don't be ashamed, scared or unsatisfied of what you have. And most importantly, DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS! Every one of us is beautifully different and that's what makes us special and unique. The illusions of having a perfect life is leading us to the edge. There's no perfect life nor perfect person unless you completely accept what you have! Set yourself free from what scares you.
Start every morning with a positive thought and with a strong believe that everything will be better than you think. If things go wrong, don't panic! There's always gonna be lots of different ways to solve your problems. There's no need for you to get upset. Always remember there's nothing to lose and when things get lost then they don't matter in the first place. However, you can always replace them with much better things.
Accept yourself completely and don't wait to be accepted. Not everyone is going to do that and it's okay. Embrace your inner beauty and love your body it’s the greatest thing you will ever own. Be proud of what you have. Be proud of what you've done. Learn from your mistakes and make sure you change yourself to be better but only for yourself to be satisfied. Challenge yourself, educate yourself and never ever waste your precious time waiting for someone to accept you, love you or want you. Bring your imperfect self to the outside world with a complete acceptance. Only then you will bring your true and great self to be seen. Don't make it disappear while you're searching for a life that is not real or a person that won't see.   

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

See good in everything & everyone

Hello hello. I've been planning to post this topic earlier but I couldn't, I apologize for being late. Anyways, a few days ago, I've been talking to one of my closest friends and we shared a lot together. She told me lots about her fears and doubts and that reminded me  of a lot of others that share the same thoughts. It really affects me to see brilliant people doubt themselves and fear lots of things. People sometimes complain about their lives and when they do that, they usually forget about the good parts in it. Complaining isn't bad and I can't say it's good either but I know for a fact that we need to talk and sometimes complain to someone we trust.

For several years, I've been noticing that most of the people I know complain to me about lots of things in their lives. Although I could see how good their lives were but I knew that some of them didn't want to hear it.  I could see the difference between a person who truly suffer and a person who just want to complain and that taught me to never waste my time and energy on the wrong ones. Those who really suffer from negative thoughts, fears and doubts want to see the good side in their lives and want to hear about the good things in them. On the other hand, those who just want to complain never see the good side, they don't even bother to look for it and they want to hear nothing about it.

I know that most of us if not all have certain kinds of fears and self-doubts. I know I have lots of these but I never let them hold me back, they might've  prevented me from seeing the good parts but it never stopped me from taking the first step. I know how hard it is to fight your fears but believe in yourself and don't wait for others to believe in you because after all, they won't and some of them will push you down whenever they get the chance. And when it comes to self-doubts, it's a bit harder than fighting your fears because you don't have to eliminate them but on the other hand, you have to accept them. It might take so much time to accept what you have, to love yourself with all your flaws and to see the good things instead of the bad but no matter how much time it's gonna take, I know it's worth the try.


I encourage you to see the good parts in everything. I want you to be stronger for yourself and to be thankful for what you already have. Don't let yourself down, believe me at the end of the day all what you have is your own thoughts, let them be bright to make you shine. Don't waste your time complaining to others because they won't get it the same way you do. Don't waste your time focusing on the smallest details that you don't like and forget about the greatest that you love. It's okay to fail, to feel bad about it for some time, to feel betrayed and to cry about it for a whole day but when you're done, then make sure you won't feel the same thing about it and start to take the next step with your head up in the clouds.

I also encourage you to put your distant between the negative people you have in your life, those who call you only to complain about the smallest details and never mention the good ones. Those who never call to ask you how's your day but to fill you up with their negativity and then leave you in their dark spot. Surround yourself with dreamers that never laugh at your dreams, with successful that encourage you to never give up. Surround yourself with believers that believe nothing is impossible and cheerful that always cheer you up whenever you need it. Make sure you're one of those people to lead a perfect life that has ups and downs, but no matter what happens you always see the good in both sides.

It's also important to realize that seeing good in everything might be a bit hard and sometimes you need someone to remind you of the bright side of a negative situation. Always remember, every story has two sides and every situation has two sides, it's all up to you and to the way you want to see it.  It's not going to be easy, trust me with this, but it also won't be hard to never try it. Not to mention that it needs to be practiced, try to see the good parts in the smallest things you hate and then lead the way to the biggest problems you have. See good in your negativity, being a little negative sometimes won't kill you but on the other hand, sometimes it protects you from making a mistake or to prevent you from getting yourself hurt. It's gonna kill you for sure if you can't handle it well, if you can't understand yourself better and if you let it take over the good side. A good amount of everything always help, positivity and negativity help you in different ways and everyone of us has them both. The difference between us is how we handle them and how we make them affect our lives. Don't let both of them take too much of your life, always prepare for the worst and always expect the best.

Moreover, it's important to see good in people as well, don't focus only on the bad sides they have. Train your mind to see good in everything and everyone. If you chose to see the beauty in everything, you will see it and you will appreciate it. If you chose the opposite, you won't be able to live a good life. People make mistakes but don't expect the worst from those who make them and don’t' ignore the good things they do because of that one or two mistakes they've made. Don't always expect good from those who never fail or made a single mistake in front of others. Don't let what you see control what you believe or what you feel is right, sometimes it's okay to expect good from the worst and sometimes it's okay to do the opposite. This way you can protect yourself and it helps you to be fair with yourself and others. Always try to be fair and never judge those who make terrible things because someday, you might do the worst for reasons nobody would understand but yourself.  Train yourself to bring the good in people and be aware that nobody is a saint, we all make mistakes and we all fail but at the end it's all gonna be okay.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

An Orphan Kid

Hello hello. Since I'm sharing my thoughts and feelings a lot lately, I decided to post something a bit different. I have lots of stories about great people in my life. People that inspired me and motivated me to never give up and to work as hard as I can to get the things I want . They believed in me and encouraged me to be a better person than I used to be. They've witnessed my failures, my disappointments and myself destruction.  I guess telling a story that inspired me is going to help me focus on the bright side of my life. Reminding myself of some of the good people that I met and to take a moment to appreciate them is pretty much useful.
A while ago, I had a breakdown and I decided to drop college to work my ass off and to get money for a better one. I thought I was wasting my time on basically nothing. In fact, I believed that but I didn’t have the courage to actually do it. I wasn't paying attention to the things around me, I was a wreck and pretty much lost in my own thoughts. I couldn't figure what's good for me to begin with and how to fix my mistakes without risking too much.
One day, I finished my classes and I met this man, he asked me if there's something wrong with me and I started to talk and complain about everything I had in my mind. He is one of the most incredible men I've ever met in my life and he decided to tell me a story about his life when he was younger than me. His story really changed my perspectives and he gave me a better look to the world.
He told me about his education story, I know it sounds boring or serious but honestly I could do anything to hear that story again, it literally affected me. I don't know where to begin but let me start from the first thing I remember. He told me that he used to be a great student back in the 60's. he was excellent and he really loved school despite all the difficulties he had back then and prevented him to do his best. When he was 12 he lost his father and that was hard enough for him to do better. He had to take care of his mother and his little sisters.
He was the man of the house after his father, he did everything he could to make his family happy. He had to make sacrifices for them and he never hesitated to do what best for them. He told me how difficult it was to be a 12 years old and to have big responsibilities on his shoulders. He had to work at night to make money for his family and he had to go to school every day. He said " I never missed a day, I had big plans for my future and I believed I could do more for my family". After a while, his mother got sick and he needed to work harder to pay for her medicines. He had to drop school for some days to work at  a workshop at night and he also worked at a grocery store. He said, " I used to study for school and work at the same time, it wasn't hard for me because I used to enjoy it"
 A couple of years later, his sisters got married and he was alone with his mother. He took care of her besides his job and school. He told me that he never complained about it and he was terrified of the idea of losing her to death. He used to tell her about his day and how delightful it was although he started to suffer between his 2 jobs and school. He couldn't bare the idea of losing his mother, she was everything he had. He had to drop school and to find a job that could pay him well to take a good care of her. She never knew about that and he had to lie to her just to cheer her up. One day, one of his teachers called the house to ask about him and that day was the day his mother found out about the mistake he made. She asked him to go back and to never care about anything else other than his school. He refused that and he begged her to never ask that again.
Months later, he had to travel to a different town to work there for 2 days. He asked one of his sisters to take care of his mother while he's gone. It only took him 2 days, but those were the last time he ever heard from his mother.
He was 18 when he lost her and that was the only thing he kept fighting for to never lose. He was young and fragile, he couldn't bare the pain and he didn't leave his house for 2 weeks. When he finally realized the ugly truth, he decided to go back to school but they never took him in again. They told him he missed his chance and then he had to go back to his formal job because that’s what left for him.     
He told me if he tried harder, he could've completed his education and he could've had better chances for his kids and wife. His family means the world to him and he's willing to do anything for his kids to study at the best schools and universities. He told me he would love for them to be the best of the best. To have better lives than he had but he doesn't want to push them so hard and he wants them to pick the major they prefer. Even if he wants a better one for them, he won't push them at all. All what he wants for them is to follow their dreams and never ever give up. He said life wasn't easy on him and he's doing everything in his power to make it a bit easy on them, they are everything he has in this world.
He told me giving up is so easy and he had lots of difficult choices to make. He never gave up and he was hard to take down. He was strong enough for his mother and he never thought he would ever going to lose her, and when she died he gave up on life for a whole 2 weeks. He regret not trying harder to get back to school because he thinks that cost him his children happiness for not being the father they wanted him to be. A successful man and a great father that would give them anything they desire without blinking twice. He feels sorry and he's doing his best for his children to not let them make the same mistake he did a long time ago.
He took a moment looking at me about to cry, and he said " you must think less of me now, I know how hard it is to open up to you since you have your own problems to deal with. Let me make it clear to you in other words, it's easy to drop college and to find a job that will pay you good but never good enough. It's easy to let your parents take care of you but they won't last forever. It's not only about college or about how many mistakes you've made. It's all about you and how much are you willing to go or to do to achieve what you want. I live my life regretting one choice I didn't make right and I know you enough to say you hate giving up and I assure you, you're  not willing to regret a choice you've made out of childish thinking. Life is never easy and this is only the beginning of what coming next, if you stopped believing in yourself you won't be able to live a healthy life full of achievements. Stop making people decide for you whether you can or you can't. stop letting them break you down with so many failures. Never regret failing it's nothing but a way to reach what you want and remember success worth it all."

I may never see this guy again and I may never be able to thank him for sharing his story with me. But I believe he opened up for me because he knew how that would help me to make a good decision about my future life. He inspired me and motivated me to do more than giving up and he opened my eyes on so many things I never saw before. He taught me that life is full of obstacles and there's no shame about failure.

I wish him nothing but all the best in life and I wish for his children to make him proud. He's honestly one of the most great fathers.



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Have Faith in Your Prayers

Hello hello. Today's post is going to be a positive message to myself and to everyone finds something inspiring in it. I've been extremely negative lately and that needs to be changed. I finally managed to focus on the bright side of my life and that helped a lot to be less worried and more happy. I found my way out of all the negativity I've been carrying around through prayers. I know it's nothing new but I'll share my personal experience anyway.

As a lady I have my time when I get so upset over basically nothing at all. There's nothing wrong with that, it's okay to feel sad sometimes and to share that with your favorite person. Luckily, I have quite a lot of these people in my life. But sometimes it feels so deep that words can't describe how I feel anymore, sometimes life gets so hard on me and I don't feel like sharing anymore. All what I need at that moment is something stronger than letting all my feelings out to somebody that might get upset for me or get annoyed because of me.

 I found a way to release everything in my heart out without getting worried about anything. I started a while a go to let everything out in my prayers, my feelings, thoughts, dreams and hopes, everything. I tried to be a better person than I was, a better Muslim than I used to be. That helped me to focus on the things that I want the most in my life. I started praying for my dreams to be true and for my sorrows to be vanished, I can assure you it gets better every time.  I started praying for myself and for everyone in my life and that helped me to be much better and it filled my heart with joy and happiness.

I know my prayers will take time before they happen but I'm willing to wait for it as long as it takes. I have faith that everything I prayed for will come true, maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually. I know I make a lot of mistakes and maybe some of you will think it's not going to happen to anybody but only those who do good things. Well, if you really believe that you need to realize that Allah take it all, from those who make plenty of mistakes and those who have done none at all (which they don't actually exist).

Since I started my new thing, I've noticed that my life finally has a meaning, I've been so much better and I really like the way I feel. I believe everything will be just fine and better than I ever imagined. I don't have to worry anymore about anything at all but I still have those moments when I get worried or when I overthink or overanalyze things in my life. I still have them but with better vision on what's coming next. I stopped being that terrified woman although it gets into me rarely. My panic attacks started to get better, I don't have them whenever I have to present something in public (I still hate public speeches though) but everything is getting better. I also started to feel more comfortable with my failures and I finally made peace with them.

I believe that every failure I had in my life since I was a little girl made me the person who I am today and at the moment I'm comfortable with who I am. I used to have no regrets but for a short period in my life I've been regretting quite a lot of things and now I believe they just meant to happen for some reason. Although I don't see clearly how my life is going to be like or how many times I'm going to fail before I reach what I want but I believe that since my life is in the hands of Allah then why should I be worried? There's no reason to be worried at all.
As a human being, I know sometimes it's hard to have faith in things you don't actually see and people sometimes get annoyed for not having what they want after so many prayers. But always remember if it's meant to be, it will be. If you prayed for something and it took so much time don't give up on it. It will happen, have faith in Allah and everything will be just fine. Don't underestimate Allah's power for achieving what you want, trust Allah with your life and with everything you have.  

    Xx <3