Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Have Faith in Your Prayers

Hello hello. Today's post is going to be a positive message to myself and to everyone finds something inspiring in it. I've been extremely negative lately and that needs to be changed. I finally managed to focus on the bright side of my life and that helped a lot to be less worried and more happy. I found my way out of all the negativity I've been carrying around through prayers. I know it's nothing new but I'll share my personal experience anyway.

As a lady I have my time when I get so upset over basically nothing at all. There's nothing wrong with that, it's okay to feel sad sometimes and to share that with your favorite person. Luckily, I have quite a lot of these people in my life. But sometimes it feels so deep that words can't describe how I feel anymore, sometimes life gets so hard on me and I don't feel like sharing anymore. All what I need at that moment is something stronger than letting all my feelings out to somebody that might get upset for me or get annoyed because of me.

 I found a way to release everything in my heart out without getting worried about anything. I started a while a go to let everything out in my prayers, my feelings, thoughts, dreams and hopes, everything. I tried to be a better person than I was, a better Muslim than I used to be. That helped me to focus on the things that I want the most in my life. I started praying for my dreams to be true and for my sorrows to be vanished, I can assure you it gets better every time.  I started praying for myself and for everyone in my life and that helped me to be much better and it filled my heart with joy and happiness.

I know my prayers will take time before they happen but I'm willing to wait for it as long as it takes. I have faith that everything I prayed for will come true, maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually. I know I make a lot of mistakes and maybe some of you will think it's not going to happen to anybody but only those who do good things. Well, if you really believe that you need to realize that Allah take it all, from those who make plenty of mistakes and those who have done none at all (which they don't actually exist).

Since I started my new thing, I've noticed that my life finally has a meaning, I've been so much better and I really like the way I feel. I believe everything will be just fine and better than I ever imagined. I don't have to worry anymore about anything at all but I still have those moments when I get worried or when I overthink or overanalyze things in my life. I still have them but with better vision on what's coming next. I stopped being that terrified woman although it gets into me rarely. My panic attacks started to get better, I don't have them whenever I have to present something in public (I still hate public speeches though) but everything is getting better. I also started to feel more comfortable with my failures and I finally made peace with them.

I believe that every failure I had in my life since I was a little girl made me the person who I am today and at the moment I'm comfortable with who I am. I used to have no regrets but for a short period in my life I've been regretting quite a lot of things and now I believe they just meant to happen for some reason. Although I don't see clearly how my life is going to be like or how many times I'm going to fail before I reach what I want but I believe that since my life is in the hands of Allah then why should I be worried? There's no reason to be worried at all.
As a human being, I know sometimes it's hard to have faith in things you don't actually see and people sometimes get annoyed for not having what they want after so many prayers. But always remember if it's meant to be, it will be. If you prayed for something and it took so much time don't give up on it. It will happen, have faith in Allah and everything will be just fine. Don't underestimate Allah's power for achieving what you want, trust Allah with your life and with everything you have.  

    Xx <3


  1. Really, I just want to be like you ♥_♥

    1. I really love you <3. Best person ever <3