Monday, July 14, 2014

Mr. Right

Hello hello. Well, I'm a bit confused and annoyed recently. There are a lot of people trying to convince me to get married. I wrote this post to reveal my true feelings and to say the things I should've said to them but obviously I didn't. Yay ;( 

As we all know, it's difficult to find the right person while we're surrounded with the wrong ones. And to be quite honest it's really hard to pick which one worth the trouble since they all share the stupid gene, or maybe most of them to be fair.

Since I'm 23, marriage is the number one topic everyone around me talks about! To them, it's quite abnormal to be unmarried yet, I either have a serious problem that prevent me to get married or I'm too ugly for anybody to look at me. It's hard to convince them that I'm waiting for the one and only. In their narrow minds, every man on earth is the one and only unless he has no money/job or family.

They find it difficult to believe that a woman can be independent, can have a career and a life without involving men in it. Honestly, life would be much easier without all the drama, without trying to please that guy or the society around you. If he's not the one DON'T even think about him.

I see lots of women suffer with their husbands but they won't get divorce for similar reasons. They either have children they don't want to hurt or they can't handle being divorced in such a cruel society. These are the main reasons that most women share. It's either very stupid or really stupid to be stuck in unhealthy relationship for reasons that can be fixed after they fix their broken hearts. I'm not saying divorce is the right thing to do, I'm only saying if he's not the right one don't bother to be with him. Leaving him is much easier than involving yourself in a relationship you wont be happy in, a life that would be hard to fix just to please everyone around you. Dont do it unless you want to, unless you're willing to take all the risks and never regret it.

Another thing to mention, most of those women who suffer the most with their miserable lives are the ones who judge the unmarried ones. I've noticed that they put a lot of effort to convince the unmarried women that marriage is the answer to their prayers.  

Maybe they think it's the best thing  to have children, to be a mother and wife but not all women share the same dreams. Not all of us women want that kind of life. If I know I'm not good near children or if I'm not good with men or maybe I'm not going to be a good housewife and that life would kill me then why in the world would I bother myself and get married just to please the people around me or just to stop them from judging me?

Not to mention, they won't stop judging anyway! It's annoying and honestly it's driving me insane. I've got lots of question on why I'm still single yet and why I refuse to get married. They even said that I'm really stupid and childish for waiting my prince charming because he's not even exist! Alright, that was too much for me to take. I don't like hurting people but in that moment I was gonna do it anyway. Thank god I did not!

Most of those people can't get it, me and some of the other singles want nothing to do with men. I can live a perfect, healthy and  successful life that is full of achievements and happiness without my prince charming involve in it. If he's meant to be I will find him, if not, it won't be the end of the world or my world for that matter.

Living a healthy life, being happy and successful is all what matter. It doesn’t have to be so hard for everyone in my life to accept the things I want, they don’t have to judge me on what I want because it's different from what they want. I don’t have to be like what they want to be accepted. If you want me as a friend or as a daughter accept me for who I am. I'm happy this way and if you ever cared about me stop worrying that I might envy you for being married and I'm not. It never crossed my mind at all because I'm not that person, if I want something so badly and you got it before I do be sure that I'm more than happy for you. That doesn’t apply only on marriage but anything else in life. I'm quite happy with my life the way it is and marriage is the last thing I want and I want to get it my way not yours to be normal in your eyes. Don’t think less of me because I'm not like you, you have your life the way you want and I have mine. We don't have to be the same to accept each other, yes I'm different and weird sometimes but you either take it or leave it. And just so you know, I won't settle for less to please anyone other than myself. You better do the same for you own good!


  1. "they won't stop judging anyway!" exactly!!
    God help us -_-

  2. oh ghedo !! such a great things to write about .. you are mostly accurate in everything ..

  3. well,, mom always says that only people with shallow - minded judge others ,, and they won't change any thing by judging ,,

  4. I liked that when you said women can be independant,, that is so true ,, and we can take a really good care or ourselves ,,