Tuesday, August 12, 2014

See good in everything & everyone

Hello hello. I've been planning to post this topic earlier but I couldn't, I apologize for being late. Anyways, a few days ago, I've been talking to one of my closest friends and we shared a lot together. She told me lots about her fears and doubts and that reminded me  of a lot of others that share the same thoughts. It really affects me to see brilliant people doubt themselves and fear lots of things. People sometimes complain about their lives and when they do that, they usually forget about the good parts in it. Complaining isn't bad and I can't say it's good either but I know for a fact that we need to talk and sometimes complain to someone we trust.

For several years, I've been noticing that most of the people I know complain to me about lots of things in their lives. Although I could see how good their lives were but I knew that some of them didn't want to hear it.  I could see the difference between a person who truly suffer and a person who just want to complain and that taught me to never waste my time and energy on the wrong ones. Those who really suffer from negative thoughts, fears and doubts want to see the good side in their lives and want to hear about the good things in them. On the other hand, those who just want to complain never see the good side, they don't even bother to look for it and they want to hear nothing about it.

I know that most of us if not all have certain kinds of fears and self-doubts. I know I have lots of these but I never let them hold me back, they might've  prevented me from seeing the good parts but it never stopped me from taking the first step. I know how hard it is to fight your fears but believe in yourself and don't wait for others to believe in you because after all, they won't and some of them will push you down whenever they get the chance. And when it comes to self-doubts, it's a bit harder than fighting your fears because you don't have to eliminate them but on the other hand, you have to accept them. It might take so much time to accept what you have, to love yourself with all your flaws and to see the good things instead of the bad but no matter how much time it's gonna take, I know it's worth the try.


I encourage you to see the good parts in everything. I want you to be stronger for yourself and to be thankful for what you already have. Don't let yourself down, believe me at the end of the day all what you have is your own thoughts, let them be bright to make you shine. Don't waste your time complaining to others because they won't get it the same way you do. Don't waste your time focusing on the smallest details that you don't like and forget about the greatest that you love. It's okay to fail, to feel bad about it for some time, to feel betrayed and to cry about it for a whole day but when you're done, then make sure you won't feel the same thing about it and start to take the next step with your head up in the clouds.

I also encourage you to put your distant between the negative people you have in your life, those who call you only to complain about the smallest details and never mention the good ones. Those who never call to ask you how's your day but to fill you up with their negativity and then leave you in their dark spot. Surround yourself with dreamers that never laugh at your dreams, with successful that encourage you to never give up. Surround yourself with believers that believe nothing is impossible and cheerful that always cheer you up whenever you need it. Make sure you're one of those people to lead a perfect life that has ups and downs, but no matter what happens you always see the good in both sides.

It's also important to realize that seeing good in everything might be a bit hard and sometimes you need someone to remind you of the bright side of a negative situation. Always remember, every story has two sides and every situation has two sides, it's all up to you and to the way you want to see it.  It's not going to be easy, trust me with this, but it also won't be hard to never try it. Not to mention that it needs to be practiced, try to see the good parts in the smallest things you hate and then lead the way to the biggest problems you have. See good in your negativity, being a little negative sometimes won't kill you but on the other hand, sometimes it protects you from making a mistake or to prevent you from getting yourself hurt. It's gonna kill you for sure if you can't handle it well, if you can't understand yourself better and if you let it take over the good side. A good amount of everything always help, positivity and negativity help you in different ways and everyone of us has them both. The difference between us is how we handle them and how we make them affect our lives. Don't let both of them take too much of your life, always prepare for the worst and always expect the best.

Moreover, it's important to see good in people as well, don't focus only on the bad sides they have. Train your mind to see good in everything and everyone. If you chose to see the beauty in everything, you will see it and you will appreciate it. If you chose the opposite, you won't be able to live a good life. People make mistakes but don't expect the worst from those who make them and don’t' ignore the good things they do because of that one or two mistakes they've made. Don't always expect good from those who never fail or made a single mistake in front of others. Don't let what you see control what you believe or what you feel is right, sometimes it's okay to expect good from the worst and sometimes it's okay to do the opposite. This way you can protect yourself and it helps you to be fair with yourself and others. Always try to be fair and never judge those who make terrible things because someday, you might do the worst for reasons nobody would understand but yourself.  Train yourself to bring the good in people and be aware that nobody is a saint, we all make mistakes and we all fail but at the end it's all gonna be okay.



  1. "Surround yourself with believers that believe nothing is impossible and cheerful that always cheer you up whenever you need it" you are my believers <3 BFF

  2. You are the best♡♡♡♡
    عدم فهمك لنفسك،هو أشد أنواع الضياع

    1. Thank you sweetie for your support. I love you <3