Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"How you treat others, is how you really feel inside"

How to deal with negativity or negative people? I'm sure we all have negativities in our lives. Personally, I deal with that almost every day! I don't know why we have to face them but I know for sure that everybody teaches us a lesson we need to be taught. We just have to be patient, to open up our minds, accept it, learn from it and move on. I know sometimes we let negativity brings us down, make us cry or worse. I don't have a particular way to deal with it but what I'm about to share might help you, inspire you or waste your time.  

Honestly, negativity gets to me differently every day. Sometimes I'm strong and nothing can or will bring me down. Other times, I'm weak and the smallest thing could tear my heart apart. I don't know how to deal with it, I don't have a specific way to do that. I've been criticized a lot in my life about almost everything. People criticized me on my choices, thoughts, decisions and every other thing. What I learned from being criticized, judged and bullied is that we live in a society that cannot see the best in us. We live in a world that won't see us good enough. People will always find a way to criticize you, no matter what you do you'll be criticized, it's either in a good way or an aggressive, destructive way. Either ways, you have to deal with it.

Sometimes I let it affect me by thinking about it, talking about it to someone or trying to understand it. It would literally make me depressed for a while, I would cry for days and it might lead me to take a break from everyone in my life. It depends on how deeply it hits me. I know I shouldn't be saying that, I should give you some advice and I should be telling you it's all gonna be alright at the end.

 Let's be honest, no matter how many people praise us, telling us how good we're or how amazing we look, always the one that says nasty things about us would affect us the most. Even if you think that small comments won't do any harm, it's just a ridiculous thing to say, she or he wouldn't be hurt. I'm telling you, since its the wrong thing to say then don't say it.

If you stopped yourself from being negative to people then you would really master it. If you hate being criticized then don't criticize people, just let them be whoever they want to be. If negativity knocked you down, then make it your biggest goal to be better and not end up like whoever criticized you. I usually try to be good with those who judged me or criticized me. I don't find it hard to be as bad as they're but because I believe if I response to negativity with negativity then I'll be no better than them, I'll be worse. 
If it really got to me and I can't deal with it, then I'll be honest about it and tell them it really affects me. I don't care what would they feel or would they stop or not because then I'll be done with them. If they were friends and they won't stop being judgmental then I'll cut them out of life with no regrets. 

I think the most thing that most of us are afraid of is being judged. It hurts to be judged and let me tell how much I've been aggressively judged in my life! Mostly friends who can't understand me and pretty much judge me constantly on my choices, decisions, and lots of other things. Too much to be counted, too much to take, and really hard to forget.

What people can't understand is that, I'm 23, I'm young and I'll make mistakes, plenty of them. However, I'm old enough to take responsibilities of my actions. I guess that applies on all of us. We're capable of being mature enough and stupid enough, it's our choice.

I'm not quite sure what would a normal person do in such situations but I'm normal enough to tell you let it affect you. Be sad or angry about it, if it got to you then there's nothing wrong about that. After a while you'll forget about it, time heals everything, trust me on that.

We can be our own worst enemy sometimes, we can be really mean to ourselves so don't feel like you have to be awful to others in order to feel better! We've got it cover for you, you just need to be nice and that's enough. It takes nothing to knock someone down, only one word can destroy us and it takes a lot to build us up.

In our society, it takes a lot to be nice sometimes and it takes nothing to be judgmental, critical or a bully. Some of them allow themselves to be as bad as they can get but very shy when it comes to being nice and polite. Stop making excuses for your bad behavior and start working on yourself to be a better person. My advice to you, START NOW!

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