Hello lovelies, I'm Ghaidaa. 23. From KSA/Makkah. I study English Literature in UQU. I finally made up my mind and started this blog to share my personal diaries and other random stuff. I have to mention my obvious LOVE to coffee and all the sparkly lovely things. I also love rambling, writing diaries and I'm a huge fan of TV shows. I'm addicted to makeup, fashion and all the goodies. I have a noticeable obsession about my weight and nail polishes, that's totally random. :)
Few of my most interests in life, is to find my inner voice, to follow my dreams and to make the most of everything. I'm 100% positive and I have some days when I get a little mad and/or gloomy. I really enjoy encouraging people about different things in life and I also believe there's nothing impossible. I'm ambitious and I have lots of failures, although its not the best thing to mention about me but I believe failure is not an option and it's the only way I know to reach success. My life is far away from perfect but I love it the way it is although I wouldn't mind few changes. Food isn't my best friend but I can't survive without chocolate. I also enjoy making healthy easy salads and colorful smoothies. I enjoy working out and watching lots and lots of YouTube videos.
I guess that's pretty much everything! Have a lovely day and keep on living.



  1. I can't wait to see more of you <3

  2. Keep going, I like your blog, and I want to ask
    -Do you have a Tumblr?

    1. Thank you so much sweetie. Yes i do but I rarely use it. Visit my twitter on ghedoilla if you want. Thanks again :)